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Banque Européenne Crédit Mutuel Sint Maarten

The Crédit Mutuel-CM11 Group, an internationally present Group

In 1998, the alliance between Crédit Mutuel and CIC gave birth to a powerful player among the French banks, able to develop international relations in cooperation with foreign banks. Thanks to the creation of common tools, each network has retained its status and identity, and is responsible for its own development.

Today the Crédit MutuelCM11 Group is a leading player in the banking sector in France with a market share of 17.1% for credits and 15.5% for deposits, and an established partner at the European and worldwide level, with banking branches abroad and a large network of correspondent bankers.

The Crédit MutuelCM11 Group’s business consists of four main activities :

  • Banking: retail banking, corporate finance and private banking
  • Property: property financing, real estate transactions, financial holdings, property dealing,...
  • Insurance: Assurances du Crédit Mutuel offers a whole range of personal and risk insurance products
  • Information Technology: the combined IT expertise of the group’s specialised subsidiaries places Crédit MutuelCM11 at the forefront of technological innovation.

Thanks to its financial strength, the Crédit MutuelCM11 Group was able to conclude the purchase of Citibank Germany (now Targobank Germany) and take part in the creation of Targobank Spain in 2010.

During the last few years, the Group also took significant participations in Cofidis and in Banque de Tunisie, as well as acquiring General Electric's leasing and factoring business in France and Germany.

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BECM - Sint Maarten

Banque Européenne Crédit Mutuel – BECM  – is the subsidiary of the Crédit MutuelCM11 Group, serving individual persons, real estate professionals and businesses.

BECM covers the whole of France with 30 corporate branches, and 12 real estate branches. BECM is also present abroad with a 7 corporate branches in Germany and a real estate branch.

Dedicated to our foreign and expatriate customers, the BECM Sint Maarten branch offers a broad range of investment and estate management services.

As in France, our BecmOnLine online banking Banking service (available in English as well as in French and German), gives you access to your accounts, allows you to view balances and every operation, to place securities transactions and contact your customer service in a secure environment.

BECM – Sint Maarten’s branch address :

  • Banque Européenne Crédit Mutuel
  • Tamarind Plazza – Union Road 133
  • Cole Bay
  • Sint Maarten (SX)