Help and accessibility

Get your bearings and browse

At the top of each page on the site is:

  • the BECM logo to go back to the Home page
  • a search engine
  • access to your customer space to sign in and be able to access your accounts
  • a navigation menu
  • breadcrumbs to show you where you are in the site map

Look up

The becm.fr site has been designed to let you browse using the keyboard:

  • At the top of the page, hidden quick access links take you straight to the section searched:
    • Sign in to your customer space
    • Main content
    • Page footer
    • Write or get an appointment with your account manager
  • Using the Tab key, you can jump from one link to another until you reach the required link and confirm it using the Enter key
  • Our pages are laid out so that users of accessibility technologies can browse easily by titles.

In your browser, you can also enlarge the size of characters:

  • Use the key combination Ctrl + ‘+’ (‘plus’ key) to increase the character size. The key combination Ctrl + ‘-‘ (‘minus’ key) reduces the character size. Note that the key combination Ctrl + ‘0’ (‘zero’) restores the text to the default size.
  • If you are using a Mac, replace the, Ctrl key with the Cmd key to perform the same actions.

Getting information

The page footer gives access to several tools to keep you informed about new features, special offers and BECM recommendations

  • Newsletters: to receive them every month, straight into your e-mail inbox

Help and accessibility

Accessibility consists of:

Making the web and its services available to everyone, whatever their hardware or software, their network infrastructure, mother tongue, culture, geographical location and physical or mental abilities. Tim Berners-Lee (Director of W3C and inventor of World Wide Web).

The becm.fr site has been designed to meet these principles.. We are committed to accessibility and quality to make our site accessible to all internet users, including seniors and disabled people or those with functional limitations.